Maier Sports BTS 16

This fall I had the great pleasure to photograph the Maier Sports advertising campaign again.
My assistent Alex Brugger did an amazing job by filming and editing a little behind the scenes video.
Check out the work from this talented young gun: or on
BIG THX Lex for a great job!
Also a huge thanks goes out to my entire team:
Regina, Captain Hug, Hannah, Matthias, Kathi, Mi, Max, Linda. Thanks for making this possible.
Supported by #Evoc #Patagonia #Profoto

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The Lighthouse Photo

I had the great honor to spent a week in the swiss alps with the Salmon Freeski Team Germany. Unfortunately the weather was really bad and the avalanche risk to high. So I had to come up with an idea and solve this problem with creativity. Sometimes a disadvantage is a benefit. The highest standing lighthouse on earth (2046m above sealevel) stands at the Oberalppass in Switzerland. This lighthouse stands at the spring of the river Rhein. The counterpart of it stands in Holland where the Rhein floats into the sea. It took 6 people the whole day to build a jump, landing and inrun for this photo. I had 3 Profoto B1 flasheads with me. 2 inside of the LH and one in the back of it. The jump was really dangerous - the strong wind and bad visibility. Rider: Sebastin Scheck

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MTB Colourpowder Behind the scenes

These images are the end of a very long private little photoproject. We wanted to show the 4 elements Air,Water, Dirt and Fire within a Bikejump. So this has been the last element - AIR!! Enjoy the show! THX for all the helpers and the support of Patagonia, EVOC and of corouse Profoto.

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Reportage »Brasilien — Leben, Tragik, Hoffnung« Making of Video

In Kooperation mit humedica habe ich zwei Wochen lange eine Wanderausstellung mit dem Titel - Leben.Tragik.Hoffnung in Brasilien fotografiert.

Ziel war es das Leben der "Anderen" zu zeigen. Ganz nah dran sein im Alltag der armen der Ärmsten im Dschungel von Brasilien.

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